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How to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights has a lot of movement options to master as you team up to take down the baddies around the city. Not only can each class unlock unique movement skills, but you have the ability to summon vehicles and grapple hook across skyscrapers, too. In the beginning of the game, learning these movement options is plenty to work with … but once you start seeing just how big Gotham is on your many missions, you’ll want some shortcuts.

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1 hour

What You Need

  • Complete missions until you hear from Lucius Fox

Fortunately, Gotham Knights does include a fast-travel option to skip around to key points about the city. However, it’s not unlocked right away, so you have to activate it as you start learning the ropes. Here’s exactly what to do to make sure you’re ready.

How to unlock fast-travel points in Gotham Knights

Step 1: Get past the intro and start playing patrols and unlocking missions. Complete missions, and eventually you’ll get a message from a certain familiar face – Lucius Fox.

The tricky part is that there’s no guarantee of which mission will trigger Fox to contact you. The best bet is to keep playing them and work to meet some of the notable villains in Gotham City, like Penguin, Harley Quinn, etc. Fox should make contact after a few missions.

Step 2: Meet Lucius Fox at his company Foxteca, where he will be waiting on the roof to talk about helping you out in fighting crime with a certain speedy invention of his. He will give you his own personal mission to complete. If you want to unlock fast travel as soon as you can, give this mission priority.

Gotham Knights Foxteca location.
via Reddit/u/nightwing612

Step 3: Fox’s quest requires you to scan dangerous drones around the city to figure out how to disable them. This is a little tedious, so bring some patience with you when you set out. Pop open your city map and look for the noticeable red pins around the city. Each red pin represents a fast-travel point that you can unlock. That means that it’s a good idea to pick the nearest pins to your activities first or the pins to areas that you would most like to fast travel to when saving time.

Gotham Knights Map with icons.

Step 4: Travel to the red pin’s location, and look for patrolling drones. Get close enough to the drones, preferably by grappling onto a wall or roof, and enter your augmented reality (AR) mode to scan them. Be careful – if the drones notice you loitering around, they will start to open fire, so it’s best to be as sneaky as possible.

Some checkpoints only require one drone scan to unlock. Others may require two or three, generally increasing in difficulty toward the outskirts of the city. Certain drones have shields that will block scanning. You can’t disable these shields – instead, follow the drone and wait for it to land at its station or choose another drone target.

Gotham Knights Drone in sky.

Step 5: Once your three drones are scanned, the waypoint for that section of the city opens. With Fox’s high-tech wing suit, you can now fast travel to that location at any time.

There are a total of eight different fast-travel points to unlock throughout the city. You can go at your pace here: There’s no need to unlock them all at once, and some may have a higher priority than others, depending on your current missions or where you like to patrol.

Batgirl gliding in Gotham Knights.

What about Knighthood challenges?

While it’s not exactly fast travel, there are other travel skills you can unlock that work very, very well with fast traveling to get you exactly where you want to go at top speed. You can get these by completing your three Knighthood challenges with your preferred character.

These challenges involve completing combat training, stopping premeditated crimes, and defeating minibosses. The combat training is the easiest to complete, and the others you’ll complete by progressing the game and getting more familiar with the activities.

Once the challenges are completed, your character class gets a new movement. That ranges from a glider for Nightwing to an interesting soul hop ability for Red Hood. You’ll have to do the challenges again for each character if you want to unlock them all.