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How to unlock the Kratos skin in Fortnite

As if Fortnite’s chapter 2 season 5 wasn’t alluring enough with the implementation of The Mandalorian skins and themes, the game has just added the God of War (aka Kratos) skin — and even more wild is that it’s available across all platforms. Something about seeing a first-party PlayStation-exclusive character running on an Xbox console or Nintendo Switch is heartwarming. Though, you might be wondering how to get your hands on the outfit.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about getting the skin across all platforms. Here’s how to unlock the Kratos skin in Fortnite.

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How to get the Kratos skin

As soon as you boot up the game starting on December 4, 2020, you’ll be met with a new cutscene showcasing the God of War. Unfortunately, the outfit can only be acquired by purchasing select bundles and is only available for a limited time — as is typical with the game’s skins. It seems like after December 4, the skin will not be available to purchase again, so act fast!

Below are the bundles and their respective V-bucks prices. If you don’t have spare V-bucks lying around, you’ll either need to earn them by either leveling up your battle pass or by purchasing them with real money. Remember, 1,000 V-bucks is the equivalent of around $8.

Kratos bundle — 2,200 V-bucks

  • Kratos — Outfit
  • Mimir — Back Bling
  • Leviathan Axe — Harvesting Tool
  • Guardian Shield — Glider
  • Freezing Burst — Emote

This is the all-encompassing bundle that features each of the new God of War cosmetics. You do save a little by buying the items as a bundle, but overall, it’s equal to around $17 or so.

Kratos — 1,500 V-bucks

  • Kratos — Outfit
  • Mimir — Back Bling

If you just want the Kratos skin, this is going to be your most affordable option. It comes with the Mimir Back Bling, as well.

Leviathan Axe — 1,000 V-bucks

  • Leviathan Axe — Harvesting Tool
  • Freezing Burst — Emote

Guardian Shield — 800 V-bucks

  • Guardian Shield — Glider

Armored Kratos Style

Finally, as a PS5 exclusive treat, players can unlock the Armored Kratos style, which is a gold armor variant. In order to unlock it, all you need to do is complete a match after purchasing (and equipping) the Kratos skin. As long as you’re on PS5, you’ll gain access to it. Head to your Locker from the main menu, select the Kratos skin, and then press Square to Edit Style. Here, you’ll be able to equip each piece of armor individually.

There are also rumors of other platform-specific characters making their way into Fortnite, though at the time of writing, this has yet to be confirmed. We’d love to see Master Chief or Link skins added at some point in the future.

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