How to upgrade your PS4 hard drive from mechanical to SSD

How to install a solid-state drive in a PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro

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How to install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

First, you need to gather a few materials:

  • An adjustable screwdriver
  • A 2.5-inch SSD (larger than 160GB and no more than 9.5mm thick)
  • Two USB flash drives.

Be sure to save your save game files to the second USB flash drive by going to the PS4’s Settings menu. From there, go to Application Saved Data Management, Saved Data in System Storage, and then Copy to USB Storage Device to save your files to your second USB flash drive.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can also upload your game saves to the cloud, instead — you’ll just need to download them again once you have your new drive installed.

Step 1

Step 1. Place the PlayStation 4 on a secure surface, and press down on the glossy, black side of the top panel. With the system's front facing you, slide the panel leftward. It should slide right off; no screws needed.

Place the PlayStation 4 on a secure surface, and press down on the glossy, black side of the top panel. With the system’s front facing you, slide the panel leftward. It should slide right off; no screws needed.

Step 2

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

Remove the screw at the very front of the PS4 which keeps the hard drive bay locked down. It’s easy to identify, because it wears the same circle, X, square, and triangle buttons found on the PlayStation 4’s controller. It’s a Phillips screw, but you may need a smaller-than-usual bit to get it out without stripping it, as we helpfully and definitely intentionally did for this photo to demonstrate.

Step 3

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

Pull the hard drive dock towards you, and remove the PS4’s hard drive. It should slide right out.

Step 4

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

Once you pull out the hard drive, you’ll find that it’s still guarded by a metal cage that’s locked down by four black screws. These screws are located on the sides of this cage, with two sitting on each side. Unscrew them with a standard Phillips bit.

Step 5

Slide the PS4 hard drive out of the cage.

Slide the PS4 hard drive out of the cage.

Step 6

Place your 2.5-inch solid state drive into the cage

Place your 2.5-inch solid state drive into the cage, and orient it the same way that the PS4’s original drive was. For reference, we stacked the PS4 hard drive and our SSD on top of one another in the above image. Notice how each drive’s back ports look exactly the same, and are in the same exact places.

Step 7

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

Screw the SSD into the cage with the four black screws that you removed previously.

Step 8

Slide the hard-drive cage back into the PS4's hard drive bay.

Slide the hard-drive cage back into the PS4’s hard drive bay.

Step 9

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

Lock the PS4’s hard drive bay back down with the same screw that you removed to unlock it, using a small Phillips bit.

Step 10

How to Install an SSD in a PlayStation 4

Slide the PS4’s top panel back onto the system. Then, hook your PS4 back up, but do not turn it back on yet. This is where your other USB flash drive comes in.

Step 11

PlayStation 4 Software Update

Using a computer, download the latest PS4 operating system update file by visiting Sony and clicking the “Download Now” link. This will ensure you get the latest version.

Step 12

PS4 folder

Plug the other USB flash drive into your computer. Open it, and create a folder on the drive named “PS4.” Then, open the PS4 folder, and create another folder within “PS4” named “UPDATE.”

Step 13

PS4 Update file

Once you finish downloading the PS4 OS update file (which is called PS4UPDATE.PUP), drag it over to your flash drive, and place it in the UPDATE folder. Remember, the UPDATE folder needs to be inside the PS4 folder on your flash drive in order for this process to work.

Step 14

Plug USB into PS4

Eject your flash drive from your computer safely, and plug it into one of your PS4′s front-mounted USB ports. These are the same ports that you can use to plug in your DualShock 4 controller.

Step 15

PS4 Power Button

Press and hold your PS4’s power button for 7 to 10 seconds until you hear two beeps. This will force it to boot into Safe Mode.

Step 16

Once you’re at the PS4’s Safe Mode menu, select the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)” option, which should be seventh on the list from the top of the screen. Your PS4 will scan the flash drive you plugged in for the update file that you downloaded using your computer. It may take 20 or 30 seconds, but the next screen that comes up will take you through some simple instructions on how to install the PS4’s operating system onto the SSD you just put in the console. This part of the process isn’t complicated at all; you’ll just have to press the X button on your PS4 controller a few times.

Once the PS4 OS is installed, you’ll be good to go!

All you’ll need to do is to copy the save-game files that you saved to your other flash drive back to PS4’s new SSD. You can do that by plugging in that USB flash drive into your PS4, opening the console’s Settings menu, and going to Application Saved Data Management, Saved Data on USB Storage Device, Copy to System Storage.


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