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Hyper Light Drifter gets a 3D co-op follow-up

In a surprise announcement on Twitter, publisher Gearbox announced that developer Heart Machine has a sequel to 2016’s Hyper Light Drifter in the works. Titled Hyper Light Breaker, the game is set to enter Steam Early Access in spring 2023.

Announcing❣️: Hyper Light Breaker

A new 3D adventure set in the Hyper Light universe is coming to Steam Early Access in Spring 2023. Explore the world of @HLBreaker in 3D via single-player or online co-op with friends.

Wishlist now:

— GearboxOfficial (@GearboxOfficial) March 31, 2022

Based on the game’s Steam page, where it can already be wish listed, Hyper Light Breaker doesn’t appear to be radically different from Hyper Light Drifter. Players will once again hunt down monsters and create builds during their runs, all with the goal of dethroning the Abyss King. Breaking from its predecessor though, Hyper Light Breaker is moving into the third dimension.

While it isn’t exactly shown off in the trailer shared by Gearbox today, we do get a short look at Hyper Light Breaker‘s 3D world through its Steam page. In a short clip toward the bottom of the game’s description, you can see a lanky character running through a lush forest. Just below that is a picture of a more urban area that seems to have been overgrown with trees, ferns, and other plants.

And following Heart Machine’s last game, Solar Ash, it seems that the developer is keeping stylish movement in mind for Hyper Light Breaker. Players will be able to wall-dash, glide, and ride a hoverboard across the game’s various landscapes. In between these treks, players will also be able to stop at The Settlement, a hub filled with NPCs where upgrades can be applied, leaving Breakers even stronger for their next run through Breaker‘s world, The Overgrowth.

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