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id and Bethesda announce Doom 3: BFG but where is Doom 4?

Doom 4 is, presumably, a real game. id Software announced way back in ye olde May 2008 that the game was in production. The sequel would use id Tech 5, the same engine used in 2011’s Rage. In February, the All Games Beta posted screenshots—one of which is right there at the top of this post—of what it alleged was a cancelled version of Doom 4. is turned around and said, “Nope! Not Doom 4, but when we show you that game, it will be pretty neat!”

Is id announcing Doom 4 at E3 this year? Nope! Just a new version of the nearly decade old Doom 3.

Bethesda and is announced the Doom 3: BFG edition via the company’s Facebook page on Wednesday. The package for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC will be out this fall and include a remastered version of the game, the expansion Resurrection of Evil, as well as the original Doom and Doom 2. For anyone who played the original that was also mystified by the space marine’s inability to both shoot and hold a flashlight, the new version has a flashlight that handily hangs from your chest. Take that, floating upside down skull.

On the grand scale of quality HD remasters, you could do a lot worse than id’s series. Doom 3 got a bad rap, but it was actually a solid shooter, and surprisingly tense thanks to its flashlight shenanigans.

Where the heck is Doom 4 though?

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