id Software’s Official DOOM3 Benchmarks

From the article:

“As John Carmack said of DOOM 3 in our introduction, “all of the modern cards play the game very well.” The NVIDIA 6800Ultra and 6800GT video cards along with the Radeon X800XT-PE are going to be stellar DOOM 3 performers probably giving the gamer better Image Quality and framerate performance than we ever thought would be possible at the launch of DOOM 3. These three GPUs are simply going to deliver a level of visual gameplay immersion in DOOM 3 that will likely blow away even the most hardened game player or hardware enthusiast. That said, it looks as if ATI’s decision to scale their current line of flagship video cards by crippling the Radeon X800Pro’s graphics pipelines to 12 pipes, instead of the 16 pipes of the Radeon X800XT-PE might have been a bad move, at least in terms of satisfying DOOM 3 players. NVIDIA on the other hand chose to scale from their Ultra to GT models by only decreasing the clock speed of the GPUs. The NVIDIA 6800GT certainly stood out among the crowd as its DOOM 3 framerates continually outpaced the Radeon X800XT-PE that currently has a list price that is $100 more than the GeForce 6800GT. NVIDIA has told us more than once that the 6800 series was “designed to play DOOM 3,” and the truth of that statement is now glaringly obvious. “

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