Infamous: Second Son screenshots show a dark, beautiful future

Check out our review of InFamous: Second Son.

The first, major PlayStation 4 exclusive release of 2014 is just a few weeks away. Sucker Punch’s Infamous series makes its next-gen debut on March 21, and brings with it a new protagonist to an established series. For a closer look at the gameplay, check out our recent preview.

When Infamous: Second Son comes out we’ll have plenty of coverage on the game itself, breaking down the gameplay, the story, all the things you expect. In the meantime though, we have a few screenshots to show to give you an idea of how the game will look.

The game takes place in a futuristic Seattle, in a world where Conduits – people with superhuman powers – are feared and hunted. The city is somewhat accurately recreated, at least to the extent a video game recreation can recreate any real city. Seattle residents may not be able to find their actual house or favorite restaurant inside the game, but they should recognize the realistic weather patterns and general feel of the city.

Check out the screenshots and the trailer below, and look for the game this March.