Infinium Labs launches phantom website

For those who don’t recall, the Phantom was announced to a wave of scepticism some time ago; the device purports to be a network-enabled console with a massive library of software which will be available over broadband.

The system will, according to Infinium, be the fastest console on the market when it launches in 2004, and will feature a selection of pre-loaded software. It’s thought that the console will effectively be a PC in a sleek box with some custom software to provide a simple user interface; the games it runs will be PC titles.

It’s not clear whether the console will be unveiled at E3 or not – the site certainly seems to suggest that it will, although we’ve not heard any details of a press conference or launch event yet.

Either way, the Phantom appears to be real; up until now, there’s been a school of thought that said that the whole thing was a hoax, but Infinium Labs certainly seems to be serious about the project. Whether the rest of the industry will take them seriously, however, is another question entirely.

Check out their website here.