Interview With Epic’s Tim Sweeney

Quote from the interview:

“One of the software highlights of this year’s Game Developers Conference was the first demonstrations of Epic Games’ next generation UnrealEngine3. Even though the engine is several years from completion, let alone titles based on its technologies, the demonstrations left a mark on most that witnessed it. Here we take the opportunity to quiz Epic’s lead programmer, Tim Sweeney, and ask him a little more about UnrealEngine3.

“Q: You have said that UE3 will target DX9-based video cards as the absolute lowest denominator, did you really mean what you said, i.e. nothing but a

DX9 video card will be able to run UE3-based games?

A: DirectX9 is our minimum hardware target for Unreal Engine 3. A great deal of generalization, improvement, and even simplification has been made possible by eliminating legacy code paths and formulating all rendering around fully-general pixel shader programs.”

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