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Iran curtails access to 'Clash of Clans,' cites worries over tribal violence

iran clash of clans
Clash of Clans might have reached global levels of success, but Iran has still seen fit to limit access to the popular mobile game in the country, reports Vocativ.

The decision came at the recommendation of the Committee for Determining Instances of Criminal Content, which “is empowered to identify sites that carry forbidden content and report such information” to Internet service provides. The majority of the committee’s members reportedly wanted Clash of Clans blocked from Iran after psychologists reported negative effects that might stem from playing the game, which include promotion of violence and tribal war. Furthermore, these psychologists believe the game to be addictive and especially harmful to Iranian youth.

It is unknown whether the psychologists’ report was vetted or has any merit. Regardless, Iran’s Ministry of Justice moved forward with a motion to limit access to Clash of Clans, as confirmed by the country’s Deputy Attorney General.

Translated, the tweet reads, “The Deputy Attorney General: The vast majority of the members of the working group agreed to limit access to the game Clash of Clans.”

Iran also swung its banhammer at Pokémon Go back in August during the zenith of its popularity. Iran’s High Council for Virtual Spaces did not explicitly state why Niantic’s and Nintendo’s mobile hit was banned, though concerns reportedly surrounded crime-related fears, such as robbery and trespassing.

The country has also been known to curtail access to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as well as other sources and sites, though its citizens have found ways around such bans. Over the summer, Iran introduced its National Internet, which the country promotes as fast Internet access at low prices. However, detractors deemed Iran’s desire to internalize the Internet as a means to make the Internet more restrictive and selective.

Digital Trends reached out to Supercell, Clash of Clan‘s publisher and developer, for comment on the matter and will update accordingly.

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