Jamie Foxx shows off his Ultimate Electro for the new Spider-Man movie

ElectroAs filming for director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues in New York, we now know (courtesy of the Daily Mail) what Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx’s Electro will look like thanks to the first set pics of Foxx in full makeup. And he will look damn creepy.


Longtime fans of the Spider-Man comics probably think of the character of Electro, aka Max Dillon, and imagine him in the garish green and yellow outfit (right) with the mask that looks like it was designed by someone dipped in a vat of LSD and let loose on the world of fashion. To call it impractical would be an understatement. If nothing else, the simulated lightning bolts would wreak havoc on someone’s peripheral vision. In general, the costume is not really as menacing as much as it is… well, dumb.

When Spidey was rebooted in the alternate continuity of the Ultimate comics line, Electro received a reboot as well and was completely reimagined  The original Electro was an electrical lineman that was struck by lightning and received near god like powers to generate and control electricity. He used these awe-inspiring abilities to rob banks and beat on Spider-Man until inevitably confronted by his nemesis, water.

ultimate-electroDespite powers that could conceivably bring the world to its knees, Electro could easily be defeated by the odd rainstorm or a garden hose. The character has since undergone several transformations to make him less pathetic, but none have made him quite as menacing as his Ultimate universe counterpart.

The Ultimate Electro’s powers were the result of bio-engineering (which in the film may tie in with Norman Osborn’s lab that also produced the Lizard), and the yellow and green suit was replaced with black leather that covers hideous burns. As the new Electro grew in power, he took on a blue tint to signify his electric nature (right).

electro imageWith the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 currently filming, we now have the first look at Jamie Foxx’s take on Electro, which resembles the Ultimate version far more than the original, thankfully. The blue skin is obvious, but it isn’t clear if the blue LED lights inside the hoodie are just part of the outfit, or if they are part of the special effects that will make him appear to glow with energy in the finished product and will be removed in post-production. Either way, Foxx is very, very blue.

Foxx’s Electro will be the main villain of the film, but he won’t be alone. Paul Giamatti has signed on to play what most assume is the role of The Rhino, and Chris Cooper will bring his maniacal laugh to the role of Norman Osborn. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2, 2014.

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