Japanese government investigates spontaneously combusting PlayStation Vitas

japanese government investigates spontaneously combusting playstation vitas vita starts fires

The ideal scenario for an electrical device: It does not set on fire as it’s powered by an electrical current. It’s nice when a device runs and everything, properly serving its function like playing a video game or toasting bread, but really that comes after the setting of fires. The PlayStation Vita as it turns out doesn’t always work like an ideal electronic device. Sometimes PlayStation Vitas start on fire. Not all the time, and not all Vitas. It’s just that some Vitas start on fire when you plug them in.

This actually seems to be a problem more common to Japanese Vitas than anything else. Since the handheld was released in December 2011, Sony has recorded 31 cases of Vitas exploding while charging, 23 of which were in Japan while the remaining were spread across the US, UK, and Australia.

According to Yomimuri (via Andriasang) the Japanese government is now investigating Sony’s device and its habit of spontaneous combustion. Sony sent documentation detailing all the incidents to Japan’s National Institute of Technology and Evaluation earlier in July. The institute is an independent organization that oversees safety measures in technology.

Sony claims that the fires aren’t actually caused by a defect in the Vita itself, but is the result of liquid being in the connector slot where the charger is plugged in.