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Japanese trailer for ‘Pokémon Sun’ and ‘Pokémon Moon’ reveals 7 new critters

Later this year, Nintendo will release its next generation of Pokémon games: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. To get the hype train rolling early, the company has now unveiled seven new pocket monsters that are set to be added to the Pokédex in just a few months’ time.

The first images of these critters were actually leaked to the internet Wednesday, according to a report from IGN. Nintendo has since released an official Japanese trailer confirming that the designs are indeed legitimate, although there’s currently no indication as to whether the westernized names are real or fake.

The pick of the bunch is certainly Charjabug, a small insect that bears an uncanny resemblance to a bus, and has already been the subject of many Photoshop parodies. Also representing the electric/bug type contingent is the angular Vikavolt.

Meanwhile, Bruxfish is a water type with a colorful pattern that’s sure to appeal to trainers who appreciate a strong aesthetic. Drampa seems to be a new water dragon to rival series stalwart Gyarados, while Tapu Koko is the island deity briefly mentioned in footage from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon that was shown at E3.

Finally, there’s a couple of beasties that seem to have been specifically designed to knock Pikachu off his perch as the series’ gold standard of endearing marketability. Both Togederamu and the appropriately named Cutiefly seem destined to take prominent roles in the merchandising opportunities offered up by new Pokemon titles.

These names haven’t been confirmed by Nintendo just yet, but the Japanese trailer confirms that the monsters themselves are in the game. Expect to see some more Pokémon revealed over the next few months, as we draw nearer to the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18.

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