Jetsetter: Deus Ex developer is making Tomb Raider 2013’s mutliplayer

jetsetter deus ex developer is making tomb raider 2013s mutliplayer

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should old Jetsetter be forgot and auld lang syne? For Jetsetter my dear, for Jetsetter, we’ll take a cup of kindness yet. And we’ll take a right good-will draft for auld lang syne and Jetsetter to boot.

Welcome once again to Jetsetter, Digital Trends weekly look at the international world of video games, bringing you word of what games people are playing and making well beyond the borders of the United States. The US represents the biggest video game market in the world by a wide margin and our tastes dominate the industry but it’s a big old world out there and it’s always worth exploring what else is out there. Did you know there was a Japanese game called Pepsiman about the Pepsi mascot? How about a Chinese version of Final Fantasy VII for the NES? Fear not. Jetsetter’s got your back.

With days to go before 2013, we’re starting close to home with a story about the next project for one of Canada’s best studios before doing it Gangnam Style and looking at two big developments in the world of Korean MMOs.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution developer making Tomb Raider multiplayer modes.

We reported just a few days back that Tomb Raider, Square-Enix’s upcoming reboot of Lara Croft’s adventures, will include multiplayer modes in a first for the series. Turns out that Crystal Dynamics is only developing the adventure itself. Tomb Raider multiplayer is actually created by none other than Eidos Montreal, the intrepid studio behind 2011’s mindblowingly awesome (in this writer’s opinion) Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s surprising that the Canadian studio is taking the time to work on a separate project as it’s been hard at work on Thief 4 for years now.

 jetsetter deus ex developer is making tomb raider 2013s mutliplayer worldoftanks

World of Tanks heads to Korea.

Hey, sexy ladies, you heard about World of Tanks opening for business in South Korea? Yeah, that’s right: Two “Gangnam Style” references in a single column! There are two days left in 2012, I’ve got to cram those references in before they become completely dated. Anyway, yes, the Belarusian free-to-play MMO that’s become a global phenomenon with 45 million active players in Russia, China, and elsewhere opened for business in South Korea on Thursday. “I’m sure that World of Tanks will be able to gain more and more gamer attention in Korea, thanks to the game’s profoundness both strategically and gameplay-wise,” said Wargaming Korea’s general manager Chankuk Park. Profoundness! Clearly I need to play this game.

jetsetter deus ex developer is making tomb raider 2013s mutliplayer tera 1 

TERA goes free-to-play in Korea and Japan.

TERA publisher Hangame announced that its successful MMO will now be free-to-play in Korea and Japan. TERA was released in the US and Europe in the middle of 2012 after an extensive localization process, and while the game earned itself solid reviews with its gorgeous graphics and action-based combat, its adherence to monthly subscription fees has limited its success. That won’t change any time soon, though, as TERA will remain a subscription game in the US. The shift in Korea and Japan makes sense considering the game released at the beginning of 2011 in the region and is ready to move to the next phase of growth with the free-to-play pay model.