Jetsetter: Nintendo brings the Wii U to Europe

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Happy December to one and all, from Jetsetter! Jetsetter, Digital Trends’ weekly column devoted to gaming outside the United States! Jetsetter, that lover of German-made Dreamcast games produced a decade after the system’s death! Jetsetter, the column that refuses to say goodbye to the Neo Geo! It’s cold and dark outside where Jetsetter is being written, but we’re jamming about games made in hemispheres where it’s sunny until 9 o’clock on December 1st!

That’s how we roll. This week we take a look at MMOs hitting Turkey and Arabic speaking countries, the Wii U’s European launch, a new edition of a particularly famous stealth game only coming out abroad.

* Nintendo brings Wii U to Europe.

The Wii U stormed the beaches of Normandy, other European beaches, and a few landlocked countries as well on Friday, continuing the global role out of Nintendo’s new console that started here in the US on Nov. 18. How’s the tablet controller-toting console doing? As of this writing, the European launch is going smoothly even with limited supplies, but some retailers are skeptical that sales will stay steady once there’s a good supply. “Although we’ve sold everything we’ve received we haven’t seen the ‘must have’ demand from owners of other consoles,” said Don McCabe, head honcho of UK video game retailer Chips, “PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 customers are looking over but hanging fire on whether to buy.” Hanging fire, by the way, is slang for hesitation. That’s a pro tip for you.

jetsetter nintendo brings the wii u to europe metal gear solid 4

* India gets Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition in December.

Fans of stealth and bushy mustaches across India are getting a special treat this Christmas in the form of a brand new version of Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots—25th Anniversary Edition comes out in December, just in time for the title to still be semi-accurate. It will be distributed by Konami’s partner in India, Origin Games. The new edition is actually light on extras. In fact, the only real bonus is Trophy support and the option to install the game a single time to your PlayStation 3, rather than in chunks between acts as in the original release. Those options were made available in the US and Japan with a patch last summer. So what you’re really missing out on is a sweet new box. Yeah. I want one too.

jetsetter nintendo brings the wii u to europe city of steam* DAO Games brings City of Steam and The Lost Titan to Turkey.

Mechanist Games’ steampunk MMO City of Steam and ZQGame’s The Lost Titan are receiving a translation into Arabic thanks to DAO Games. The free-to-play City of Steam spent most of 2012 in beta testing and still hasn’t officially opened in the west. The Lost Titan on the other hand only just opened its beta test on Thursday. City of Steam actually looks kind of cool, but Titan is such a brazen World of Warcraft rip off (just look at that logo!) that it’s probably already banned in Iran. “It’s our intention to bring the very best MMOs to the MENA and Turkish market and to build DAO games as the premium partner for global publishers and studios looking to access these rapidly expanding online gaming markets,” DAO CEO Peter Kwisthout told GamesIndustry International.