Jetsetter: Painkiller and Broken Sword return

jetsetter painkiller and broken sword return resurrected in hd using unreal engine 3

I’ve been from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA, but after all that continental rambling with the Steve Miller Band, my wanderlust propelled me to seek thrills beyond the United States’ verdant shores! I demand international gaming intrigue. This is the very reason Jetsetter exists.

Welcome back to Digital Trends’ weekly look at the international gaming scene. We took a little break for the E3 2012 conference but we’re back with news from around the world.

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* Swedish publisher, Polish developer resurrect Painkiller.

Back before People Can Fly made shooters about whipping people with energy beams for Epic, it earned a reputation for freewheeling, gory fun with its first-person shooter Painkiller. It’s been a long eight years since Painkiller made light of evisceration, and now Swedish publisher Nordic Games and studio The Farm 51 are bringing it back as Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. The subtitle is a subtle hint that the game is a HD remake of the original. More than just a makeover, The Farm 51 is remaking the game from the ground up using Unreal Engine 3. Painkiller is an odd choice for Nordic Games considering the publisher specializes in a b-list karaoke series called We Sing.

jetsetter painkiller and broken sword return 5 coming in 2012 

* British studio Revolution Software brings back Broken Sword.

Charles Cecil and Revolution Software are sick to death of Assassin’s Creed hogging all that sweet Templars-Conspiracy-Theory attention. That’s the rightful domain of the Broken Sword adventure games! Edge reported on Thursday that Cecil and his crew are likely bringing the series back with Broken Sword 5, the first entry in 6 years and the first from Revolution Software in 8 years. Broken Sword 5 will return to the lush 2D animation of the first two games and release on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. There may be PSN and XBLA versions further down the line. It’s nice to see one of jetsetter painkiller and broken sword return tokyo game show 2012Britain’s best studios back in the business of making new games.

* Microsoft disses German and Japanese game conferences.

Apparently Microsoft had its fill of summer gaming events at E3 2012. The Xbox 360 company released a statement on Thursday saying that it would not exhibit at Germany’s Gamescom event in August or the Tokyo Game Show in September. It’s not too shocking that Microsoft is skipping Japan’s biggest games show. The company’s only sold 1.6 million Xbox 360s in the country over the past seven years, making that country 1/42nd of the total Xbox audience. Gamescom however is Europe’s biggest gaming event, one far more about embracing the public than the retailer and press-focused E3. What gives, Microsoft?