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Jetsetter: Wii U launch details from around the world

Wii u everything you need to know pricing launch release dateWelcome back to Jetsetter, Digital Trends weekly look at the international world of video games. The United States represents the biggest video game market on the planet. The ESA said that people in the US spent a total of $25 billion on video games and gaming machines in 2011. That means that big businesses spend scads of cash making games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II to satisfy that market. There are 6.7 billion other people on the planet outside the US, though, and you best believe they like video games too. Jetsetter’s goal is to tell you about what they’re playing, what they’re making, and why you should seek those games out.

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* Nintendo Wii U launches in Europe on  Nov. 30, Japan  on Dec. 8.

While the US will get to pick up Nintendo’s new console on November 18, the other countries getting a taste of the tablet controller in 2012 will have to wait just a bit longer. And pay a bit more. The Wii U will hit Europe on November 30. Cost across the European Union is still unknown but the Wii U will be a sight more expensive in the UK at £210 ($340) for the Basic package and £250 ($405) for the Deluxe. Japan meanwhile will have to wait the longest, getting the Wii U on December 8, where it will cost almost the exact same amount as in the UK.

* Japanese Xenoblade studio readies Wii U game.

Speaking of Japan, Nintendo did confirm that one of its most celebrated Japanese studios is hard at work on its first Wii U game. Monolithsoft, the studio behind this year’s critical darling and surprise sales hit Xenoblade, is making an original IP for Nintendo’s new machine. Tetsuya Takahashi, the mastermind behind Xenoblade and Monolithsoft’s Gamecube cult hit Baten Kaitos, will direct.

* Indie GameDev India and NASSCOM prepare 2012 Build Your Own Game event.

NASSCOM, India’s entertainment software oversight organization and lobbyist group, and Indie GameDev India announced the date for this year’s Build Your Own Game event. On October 30th at the Indian Game Developer Conference, the country’s up and coming independent game developers will build new games in just 72 hours in the city of Pune.

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