Jill Stuart’s PSP-3000 Gets Gamers In Touch With Their Feminine Side


If you’re tired of the matte black gaming consoles and looking for something a little more serene in hue, then today is your day. Don’t let the American markets fool you: The PSP is actually a formidable beast of a gaming handset in Japan, often topping the hardware sales charts and boasting the best-selling title. Today, the PSP got a new color scheme to create even more mass appeal to our overseas friends— that’s right, Sony’s sporting a soft pink PSP handset to lure the ladies.

Sony announced today the Jill Stuart Sweet Limited PSP Bundle, a lovely alternative to female gamers who are tired of bold, dark color schemes. Fashion designer Jill Stuart kindly lent her name and some feminine accessories to create this new limited edition bundle. The Jill Stuart Sweet PSP hardware bundle comes with a special-edition Blossom Pink PSP-3000 console, 4 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo stick, a pink Jill Stuart dusting-cloth, and a soft-gold Jill Stuart PSP carrying case.  This PSP bundle is supposed to arrive in Japan in March—no word yet on its availability in other markets. jill-stuart-psp2