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Job listing reveals that 'The Witness' developer is working on a new title

jonathan blow third game witness
Game designer Jonathan Blow is well known for his work. Both Braid and The Witness released to critical acclaim and carry a cult following among indie enthusiasts. Now, Blow’s studio has already started working on something new.

According to Blow’s personal Twitter account, Thekla Inc. is hiring for a new, unannounced game. “We are hiring an experienced 3D character animator to work on a new, unannounced game,” he says. “Contact me for details.”

Blow started making a name for himself in 2008 with the release of Braid. It was puzzle-platformer that acted as a personal critique of contemporary game development trends. While sharing story elements from Super Mario, it turns that plot on its head and offers a completely new look nears its conclusion. The puzzles in the game revolve around the ability to turn back time. Later puzzles begin altering the way enemies and objects are affected by time.

The second game from Blow, The Witness, released in 2106 and is a first-person puzzle game inspired by Myst. In our review of the game, we said, “The Witness is immersive, taxing, enlightening, cathartic, deeply frustrating, ultimately rewarding, and you’ll love every minute of it.”

Previously, details about his third game involve an incredibly long development cycle. During a talk at the New York University Game Center, Blow revealed that the tentatively titled Game 3 would feature a 20-year development period. Instead of one game, it would be broken up into episodic chapters that act as individual games. Each of these smaller games would revisit the subject matter with a deeper investigation in each game. Unlike his other works, Blow said this third game would not be puzzle related.

The job posting doesn’t specify if it is tied to the development of  Game 3.

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