Square Enix’s Just Cause 3 trailer finalists announced

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios are going all-out with contests for next month’s explosion simulator, Just Cause 3. In addition to a performance-based competition that will net one player an actual private island, Square Enix is also holding a contest to create the launch trailer for the game, and has shortlisted the best videos in a YouTube playlist.

“We were blown away by the number of entrants and the quality of the trailers,” the publisher said in the official announcement. “It’s been incredibly hard to whittle down the entries from thousands to single digits — but here we are with a top 21.”

The contest tasked participants with creating “an epic 1-2 minute trailer that captures all the action, energy, fun and atmosphere of Just Cause 3 the best.” As you can see by some of the videos in the playlist, this didn’t necessarily mean showing any of the game. Some of the best videos instead used raps or impressive VFX to show off the game’s new features.

Others, as you can see from the video at the top of the page, took a more subtle approach. “The Game Mechanics” put together a tense compilation of game footage with music they composed themselves, ending in, naturally, a beautiful explosion. It’s simple, but it shows off some of the best “Just Cause 3 moments,” most of which are explosions or explosion-like events.

Unlike the “Win an Island” contest, the prizes for creating the best launch trailer are a bit more practical: an Epiphone Les Paul guitar, a new “top spec” PC, a microphone, speakers, and a collector’s edition of the game. Prizes for audio, humor, and action will also receive a prize pack, minus some of the bigger goodies like the speaker set and PC.

Just Cause 3 launches on December 1 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.