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Kena Bridge of Spirits: All Cursed Chests locations

The world may be one of the most beautiful you’ve ever encountered in a game before, but the lands of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is not as peaceful or healthy as you might first guess. The world is suffering from corruption that Kena alone must find a way to deal with. This corruption can take many forms, but most will attempt to prevent you from helping the spirits of this world move on, as well as accomplish your overall goal of reaching the sacred mountain shrine. But, this evil force is something you may want to seek out voluntarily in the case of Cursed Chests.

One type of collectible in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the Cursed Chest. Unlike the other collectibles in this game or most other games, for that matter, these chests are not difficult to get just because they’re well-hidden in the world. Cursed Chests are off the beaten path, sure, but the real challenge is that you need to overcome a specific combat challenge to open each and every one of them. You’ll want to open each one for the various rewards they hold, including Rot and unique Rot hats. If you’re at a loss for where to track down these evil treasures, we’ll guide you to find every Cursed Chest in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, as well as tell you what challenge awaits you when you get there and the rewards you’ll receive.

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The Village Cursed Chests

Kena running through a village.

We’ll start off our journey in the Village where we have six total Cursed Chests to find, though it won’t take nearly as long as you might think to track them all down. Your mileage will obviously vary on beating the challenges, though.

The first chest is super simple. All you need to do is go behind a building to the southeast of the fast-travel point and find it next to a glowing blue light. It is a simple challenge to beat eight enemies with no time restriction. Complete it to earn yourself some gems.

Our next stop actually has three Cursed Chests inside. Directly south of the Mask Shrine, look for the house on the west side of the road that you need to clear some corruption off of. Once you get inside, you’ll find the three chests all sitting in a row in the grass. The first one will ask you to beat 18 enemies within 1:15 and give you a new Rot; the second is the same exact challenge but gives you Gems; and the last is to beat a whopping 30 enemies in 1:15, rewarding you with the Unicorn Hat for a Rot to wear.

Moving on to the south on the dock area, this next Cursed Chest is right out in the open. It’s just up a few stairs near some vendor stalls outside. This one is a tough one and will pit you against a Mage and Wood Knight enemy before the time expires for a nice chunk of Gems.

And our last chest in the Village will need to be completed after you’ve unlocked the Dash ability. Once you have it, dash through the gate to the northeast of the village center. Once you go through, just follow the path until you basically bump into this Cursed Chest on the right wall by some roots. Another tough one, this time your challenge is to beat five enemies, including a new type that is somewhat invisible, without getting hit. As a tip for this one, in order to make these new enemies take damage, you first have to dash through them.

Rusu Mountain Cursed Chests

We only need to stop by Ruso Mountain to collect one Cursed Chest before we’re on our way.

While climbing up the mountain, around halfway, you will come to a wooden bridge. Before dealing with that, take a right and make your way up the side of the cliff you can climb up to a higher platform on. Head around the corner to reach this next chest. The task presented here is to beat four enemies without taking a hit. Manage to do so and you’ll get the Bird’s Nest Rot hat.

Forgotten Forest Cursed Chests

Kena stands near a red flower bud.

There are just two chests waiting to challenge us in the Forgotten Forest.

Our first target is accessible from the Water Shrine. Fast travel here and head down the left path to the water. Jump to the second platform of the three and then look slightly up and to your left for a stone you can teleport to. This will take you right to the Cursed Chest. Your challenge here is simply to dispatch six flying enemy types and claim your reward of Gems.

The next chest will take you by the Sacred Tree warp stone. Again, go down the left path, and if you’re facing the Fishing Shrine, look to the right for a slightly hidden side path you can take right to the Cursed Chest. Here you will need to beat five enemies within 30 seconds to earn a Taro Rot hat.

Fields Cursed Chests

Let’s scoop up the two Cursed Chests waiting in the Fields area.

On the map, warp to the Fields fast-travel point and go to the houses to your right, specifically to the one with a bunch of rocks barricading the door. Blast them away with a bomb, head inside, and activate the Cursed Chest. Be quick and beat 10 enemies in 33 seconds to add another Rot to your family.

From the Hat vendor in the Fields, go around back and through a tunnel to a house. Just outside is the glowing chest. This is a simple challenge to just beat eight foes but will give you yet another hat to dress your Rot in.

Village Heart Cursed Chests

Kena stands on a mountain with her friends in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

The last two Cursed Chests on our list are in the Village Heart.

Taking the main pathway leading into Village Heart, under the big arches, take a right to the walkway made of wood. Or, if you’ve cleared the corruption as part of Adira’s Regret, you can simply ride the elevator up and go around back at the top. Either way, the Chest is right there and will spawn 15 enemies for you to best within 30 seconds. It will spill out some Gems for your trouble.

Finally, also near Village Heart’s entrance, go into the caves and continue on until you swim through the passage, and then jump to the left onto a stone pillar. From here, you will see a ledge you can leap to and climb up. Once on top, take a left and run right over to the final Cursed Chest. This challenge will throw a Wood Knight boss at you, so be ready for a good fight. Manage to take it down, and you will get the Hana’s Mask Rot hat.

If you followed along and opened every single Cursed Chest, you will also unlock the Curse Collector trophy.

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