Kinect creator leaves Microsoft to join Sony’s PlayStation EyeToy studio in London

kinect creator leaves microsoft to join sonys playstation eyetoy studio in london kameo elements of power

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s London office has been in a bitter battle with Microsoft over the past few years. At the heart of it is the Kinect. Microsoft’s hands-free motion control device is a massive evolution over Sony London’s EyeToy technology. EyeToy may have come first, and the EyeToy-based PlayStation Move controller may be more precise, but Kinect has maintained a steady lead in global sales. Hiring George Andreas is a coup for Sony, then. The former Rare creative director was one of the minds behind Kinect itself, as well as Kinect Sports.

Eurogamer reported on Monday that Andreas had left Microsoft for Sony to work with the London group. It’s unclear what Andreas will be working on with the studio.

Prior to working on the Kinect hardware, as well as Rare’s signature Kinect games Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season 2, Andreas was the director for Rare’s last adventure game, Kameo: Elements of Power. It would be nice to see Andreas return to that type of game making at Sony London, but given that the studio’s expertise is in motion controlled products like Wonder Book, it’s likely he’ll stay in that wheelhouse after making the transition.