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Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All secret mission objectives

The Waddle Dees are captured, and only Kirby can save them! Kirby and the Forgotten Land brings Kirby to a new world — and dimension — in this 3D adventure through a bright and colorful environment, but with an implied dark history. The adventure itself is all about rescuing the cute and cuddly Waddle Dees to repopulate Waddle Dee Town, which opens up tons of options and new things to do for Kirby between the normal platforming stages. However, more than half of the objectives in each level are hidden from you, but without completing them you can’t free every Waddle Dee.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has six major areas, and plenty of levels within them all. That alone adds up to a big chunk of content, but there’s almost no chance anyone will be able to fully complete every stage on their first try thanks to the secret missions. These missions are unique to each level, and are not revealed to the player until they beat a stage at least once, meaning you will, at minimum, have to go back a second time to do these extra missions, if not more. However, if you follow this guide and know ahead of time what all the secret mission objectives are for each stage in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, you can restore Waddle Dee town to glory in no time.

Note: Every stage has the same two objectives of clearing the stage and rescuing a number of hidden Waddle Dees. We won’t bother listing those for every stage, only the hidden ones.

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All Natural Plains secret missions

Kirby runs around a city in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
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Downtown Grassland

  • Make five tulips bloom
  • Break the building’s shutter
  • Ride the spewing water up to the balcony

Through the Tunnel

  • Find the secret room
  • Light four Lantern Switches
  • Remove the wanted poster

Rocky Rollin’ Road

  • Find the side road while going uphill
  • Eat snacks off three tree stumps
  • Drive without falling off the edge

A Trip to the Alivel Mall

  • Eat four doughnuts
  • Eat an Invincible Candy
  • Navigate the mall without getting lost

The Brawl at the Mall

  • Defeat Gorimondo with the Sword ability
  • Clear within two minutes
  • Clear without taking any damage

All Everbay Coast secret missions

Abandoned Beach

  • Crack open three Knock-Knock Nuts
  • Destroy the animal sand sculpture
  • Complete the sign on the rooftop

Concrete Isles

  • Greet three sea birds
  • Make landfall on the isle of treasure
  • Dig up a Maxim Tomato

Scale the Cement Summit

  • Remove three wanted posters
  • Avoid the spikes in the secret room
  • Freeze Fleurina with an Ice ability

Fast-Flowing Waterworks

  • Eat three tins of fish
  • Win the battle without falling into the water
  • Find the golden fish

The Tropical Terror

  • Clear without using a Copy Ability
  • Clear within two minutes
  • Clear without taking any damage

All Wondaria Remains secret missions

Welcome to Wondaria

  • Help the lost ducklings find their mama
  • Enjoy the view from the top of the rocket
  • Make all the wilted flowers bloom

Circuit Speedway

  • Reach the first race’s goal within 20 seconds
  • Defeat Wild Edge using an Invincible Candy
  • Boost through the cardboard shortcuts

Invasion at the House of Horrors

  • Clear without touching any Ghost Gordos
  • Eat three of the ghosts’ hidden snacks
  • Destroy 13 aliens by using Vending Mouth

The Wondaria Dream Parade

  • Help the lost ducklings find their mama
  • Remove Elfilin’s wanted poster
  • Clear without stepping on any mud

Danger Under the Big Top

  • Defeat without hovering
  • Clear within 1:30
  • Clear without taking any damage

All Winter Horns secret missions

Northeast Frost Street

  • Destroy four animal snow sculptures
  • Find the side alley
  • Reach the clock tower

Metro on Ice

  • Stand on top of two trains
  • Find two secret passages
  • Check inside the shipping container

Windy, Freezing Seas

  • Find a cave that’s safe from the wind
  • Enjoy three meals at sea
  • Jump into the secret underground room

The Battle of Blizzard Bridge

  • Remove four wanted posters
  • Beat Twin Wild Frosty without getting hit
  • Take a detour and find a Maxim Tomato

An Unexpected Beast King

  • Clear without guarding
  • Clear within 1:30
  • Clear without taking any damage

All Originull Wasteland secret missions

The Wastes Where Life Began

  • Shoot three flying targets
  • Defeat the lost Squishy
  • Defeat Fleurina using Ring Mouth

Searching the Oasis

  • Take a nap by the secret pool
  • Defeat two Poison Croakoms
  • Diligent digging in the secret room

Alivel Mall (Staff Side)

  • Taste test three kinds of ice cream
  • Defeat Wild Bonkers with the Cutter ability
  • Fit through all holes using Mouthful Modes

Moonlight Canyon

  • Remove three wanted posters
  • Clear the secret room without falling
  • Find the treasure hiding by the cactus triples

Collector in the Sleepless Valley

  • Defeat Sillydillo with the Hammer ability
  • Clear within two minutes
  • Clear without taking any damage

All Redgar Forbidden Lands secret missions

Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands

  • Defeat two lookout Awoofies
  • Find the secret passage
  • Use water to destroy seven falling lava balls

Conquer the Inferno Road

  • Steal two of the beasts’ meaty meals
  • Make all the Windmill Switches spin
  • Use Crash to defeat Wild Frosty

Burning, Churning Power Plant

  • Infiltrate the control room
  • Perk up with three cups of coffee
  • Don’t get squished

Gathering of the Beast Council

  • Venture deep into the secret passage
  • Defeat Sillydillo in 1:30
  • Beat Clawroline without getting hit

The Beast Pack’s Final Stand

  • Defeat all the beasts in the starting area
  • Remove five beast-base wanted posters
  • Don’t fall in the lava while using Cone Mouth

In the Presence of the King

  • Clear by using a second-level evolved ability
  • Clear within two minutes
  • Clear without taking damage

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