Know the battlefield in Brink

know the battlefield in brink command postsWith the release of Brink just days away, Bethesda does not want to waste one second of your eyeball time on anything other than its new FPS. Continuing the series of films focusing on the multiplayer side of things, Bethesda and developer Splash Damage have released a new video showing off the battlefield you will play on, and some of the things to look out for in Brink.

The video recently released discusses the various classes available to you in Brink and highlights the need for teams to have multiple character classes to complete objectives. If you have a team full of soldiers, you will lose as the medics, engineers, and operatives of the other team walk right past you to complete objectives. In the video below, you can see why those various classes might be needed in the multiplayer games.

Brink is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 10.