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Konami beefing up ‘Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager’ with a new PvP experience, tweaked UI

konami pes club manager update event
Soccer fans, get your shoes shined and your uniforms bleached, as Konami is getting ready to release another fresh new update for Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager on iOS and Android soon. The big news with this upcoming update is the inclusion of a brand new event allowing gamers to play alongside other members of their association in a competition against rival associations. There will also be a new monthly “Hall of Fame” event to take part in, too.

If you have no idea what this gaming app is all about, PES Club Manager allows gamers to create and manage their own dream team generated from a roster of over 5,000 licensed players from around the globe. Gamers can train these players, build a clubhouse, and provide tactical instructions to make their team the best in the league. Then, scoop up all that training and management skills, and fight against virtual rival teams in a 3D, real-time match simulation.

PES Club Manager includes official licenses for real leagues and clubs from Europe and South America, with over 5,000 real players waiting to join your team! Test your skills against European Giants such as Bayern Munich, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain,” reads the game’s description.

PES Club Manager is free to play, enabling gamers to kick through the entire experience at absolutely no cost. However, there is an option to purchase PES Coins that in turn help gamers strengthen their team faster. For just under a dollar, gamers can purchase 10 coins to speed up gameplay, or lay down a whopping $100 in cash for a massive 1,260 coins.

PES Club Manager uses an optimized version of the console game engine used for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. It’s an online-only experience designed for smartphones and tablets, thus gamers need an internet connection to play, whether it’s through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular connectivity. The good news here is that gamers can progress at their own pace, having full control over the season. That said, they can pick up the device and play as much as they want, anywhere they want.

According to Konami, the upcoming monthly “Hall of Fame” event will enable gamers to pit their trained dream team against other gamers to achieve the highest rank. There will also be a new “National Team” feature enabling scouted players to take part on a national team, a new user interface, and a new app icon.

Konami just updated PES Club Manager late last month. The current version available to download includes FC Barcelona, the Spanish League champion of 2015/2016. There’s also a new “Classic Masters” mode, a new “Data Center” feature that records the gamer’s team history, an association event called “Chain of Goals,” entry regulation changes for Managers Cup, and more.

To get the latest version of PES Club Manager, head to Google Play for Android and iTunes for the iPhone and iPad.

Download for iOS   Download for Android

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