LA Museum of Contemporary Art and Venus Patrol to host Horizon, an artsy E3 alternative conference

Horizon logo

Video game art site Venus Patrol is set to host “an alternative E3 press conference” called Horizon in association with the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s video channel (MOCAtv), the group announced today (via Joystiq). Horizon will be held on June 13, the final day of E3. Attendees can look forward to “a lineup of beautiful games as an alternative to what we’ve come to expect from standard E3 fare,” Venus Patrol’s announcement states.

There’s no word yet on what those games will actually be, but Venus Patrol promises a variety of titles from large and small studios alike, including new game announcements and revelations concerning previously announced titles. The announcement also promises “some super secret new surprises.”

“The genesis of Horizon came as Cory Schmitz (who is, of course, behind the fantastic Horizon design) & I sat at home streaming last year’s string of E3 press conferences and instantly decided to ‘light a candle, rather than curse the darkness’ and try to put together the E3 experience we wanted to see in the world,” Venus Patrol founder Brandon Boyer writes in the announcement.

Expect to hear more about Horizon and what will be there in the coming weeks.

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