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Ellie is older and angrier in 'The Last of Us: Part II' reveal trailer

The Last of Us Part 2 Reveal Trailer - Playstation Experience 2016
Ellie and Joel are back in the reveal trailer for The Last of Us: Part II.

At the PlayStation experience in Anaheim, California, studio Naughty Dog revealed the first trailer to the follow-up of the critically acclaimed hit The Last of Us.

The trailer opens to bloodied, trembling fingers, which soon begin plucking away at an acoustic guitar. A female voice is singing a melancholic song of despair as a man with a handgun walks into the house. The trailer soon pans up to show an older, bruised, Ellie speaking to Joel, the main protagonist from the first game. Joel’s face was not shown, but he is probably sporting a few more gray hairs than before.

The original Last of Us was released in Summer of 2013. It quickly amassed wide critical acclaim. By 2015, it has won 249 Game of the Year awards — more than any other game in history up to that point. Just this year, The Witcher 3, by CD Projekt Red, beat that with an astonishing, and well deserved, 251 awards.

It can be argued that the first Last of Us was one of the greatest games ever created. Even on the aging PlayStation 3 hardware, the game was gorgeous, with a compelling story and some amazing acting. Sony eventually released The Last of Us Remastered on PlayStation 4, an upscaled and more pretty version of the game for more powerful gaming hardware. Oddly, the game has seen some technical hiccups on the PlayStation 4 Pro, a souped-up version of the standard PS4.

Sadly, a release date was not given to when gamers will see The Last of Us: Part II on retail shelves. But considering Naughty Dog studios’ tendency to work fast, we wouldn’t be surprised if the game is released sometime in 2017.

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