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Corvo returns, according to leaked Dishonored DLC details


It’s only been a scant few months and already the game playing public has turned its fickle attention to the bright, shiny, and new. With the exception of maybe Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Halo 4 and Far Cry 3—all of which made it into the January top ten bestsellers—the critical darlings of late 2012 have already drifted out of popular discussion. Where are all the Dishonored players now that the game has been put on sale like all of last year’s models? Waiting patiently to strike from the shadows, that’s where. Bethesda has been quiet about the future of its latest non-Elder Scrolls, non-Fallout hit in 2013, but leaked info hints that Corvo has new business this year, and not just some challenge maps to explore.

PS3 has early details on Dishonored: The Other Side of the Coin, new story based downloadable content that Bethesda has yet to officially announce. There are ten new trophies for the game, as is common for add-on content for larger games, and a few of them provide a keen look into what the new short story will involve.

Corvo will apparently infiltrate the Rothwild Slaughterhouse while pursuing a character named Delilah Copperspoon. That name is actually an alias according to the trophy “Missing Pieces,” since it’s rewarded when Corvo figures out Delilah’s identity from the aristocrat Thalia Timish, whose estate is another locale in the expansion.

Bethesda is an aggressive publisher when it comes to releasing downloadable content for its games, but the content for Dishonored has come out somewhat haphazardly since its October release. The first release, Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials came out in December not even two full months after Dishonored’s initial release, but the $5 expansion was a disappointment for players that wanted more information about Corvo’s world. The content was purely mechanical, a series of challenges with no narrative content. Two and a half months after its release, Bethesda still hasn’t officially announced The Other Side of the Coin, though the evidence suggests it’s coming soon.

There’s plenty of evidence that a full sequel is already in the works. Arkane has been hiring for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 project while Bethesda has been describing the game not as a one off but a “new franchise.”

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