Leaked image of the rumored ESPN Xbox 360 console; UPDATE: no plans for the console

Espn XboxDo you love video games and ESPN and feel generally unsatisfied with cable companies? Then Microsoft (might) have just the thing for you! An Engadget source has released an image of the rumored ESPN-branded Xbox 360, claiming it was found on a Microsoft server. Aside from the photo, there’s little more than speculation to support the reality of the console, and this all could be an idea Microsoft forfeited long ago. But if the rumor is right, how many Xbox users out there will be tempted by the notion of using its new features on a system wearing the ESPN logo? The forthcoming Dashboard addition of streaming the sports broadcaster’s content is undeniably a great advantage for consumers, especially given how popular ESPN games for the Xbox 360 are. And for anyone who truly limits TV time to sports coverage, these features are a godsend. Still, we’re uncertain how many fans have enough commitment to buy the fire-engine red console. Either way, here’s your first look at what may be to come.

UPDATE: Sorry to kill any hope out there, but the official word from Microsoft’s PR team is that it’s a no-go:

The custom ESPN console was an asset designed to celebrate the launch of ESPN on Xbox LIVE. There are no plans to manufacture an ESPN-branded console for sale at retail.