Leaked Photos Hint at Slimmer, Cheaper Xbox 360

Envious of Sony’s slender new frame, it looks like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been pounding diet shakes to slim down, too, and we even have the tabloid-esque photos to prove it. The Chinese gaming board A9VG recently posted leaked shots of what appears to be a new, slimmer Xbox 360 motherboard.

leaked photos hint at slimmer cheaper xbox 360 slim motherboard leak

From a geek perspective, the big news here is that from all appearances, the CPU and GPU have been rolled into one unit, allegedly code-named Valhalla. From a more practical perspective, the same two-in-one magic has the potential to significantly shrink the physical size of the unit, and because the two chips and associated hardware (like heatsinks and coolings fans) have been consolidated, reduce the price of the console.

What chance is there this is real? A pretty good one. With the five-year anniversary of the Xbox 360 console coming around in fall, along with Microsoft’s goliath Project Natal launch, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Microsoft launch a refreshed Xbox 360 console around that time frame. Microsoft has a job opening for a motherboard design engineer for the Xbox 360 console development team right now – a team whose stated purpose includes “aggressive cost reduction of the console throughout the life of the product.” If that’s not a good indication this is real, we’re not sure what is.