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Xur from ‘Destiny’ spotted in upcoming ‘World of Warcraft’ expansion

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The upcoming expansion pack for World of Warcraft, called Legion, is currently in closed beta and slated to hit the streets later this month. It’s the sixth expansion overall, increasing the level cap to 110, adding a new demon hunter hero class, and opening up an entirely new area called the Broken Isles. However, it seems that this upcoming expansion pack has a cool Easter egg for World of Warcraft subscribers, too: the addition of Xur the vendor from Destiny.

If you’re not familiar with Xur, this seller of goods pops up in Destiny once a week to sell “exotic” and “legendary” items not found elsewhere in the game. For example, on week 99, the vendor sold ornate boots for Titans called “Mk. 44 Stand Asides” that increases the duration of the Shoulder Charge to eight seconds. Players seemingly scramble to find this guy, who never shows up in the same place within the Tower. There are websites and apps dedicated to finding his location.

In Destiny, items can be purchased from Xur using Strange Coins and Motes of Light. However, in the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft, a vendor wrapped up in the same getup named Xur’ios sells a fixed set of rotating items for Curious Coins. This individual can be found in Dalaran packing two types of inventory items. He also sells one variable item each day, such as the Arcadian War Turtle costing 150 Curious Coins, as listed on Reddit here and on WoWHead here.

To find Xur’ios, head into Dalaran and visit the left side of the Bank of Dalaran. He’s positioned toward the back of the building in the area between the Bank and the Antonidas Memorial. There players can purchase recipes (Leather Love Seat, Flamespike), schematics (Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix), formulas (Soul Fibril), and techniques (Straszan Mark). Curious Coins can be obtained by breaking open treasure chests in the Broken Isles, looting from rare spawns in the Broken Isles, and so on.

One of the more interesting variable items players can purchase is Gjallar’s “Horn” (50 Curious Coins), enabling the player to launch a rocket at enemies in a target location. This rocket deals 340,000 to 460,000 x 5 Fire damage, and cannot be fired at other players. There’s also Krota’s Shield, absorbing up to 2,000,000 of damage for six seconds, and up to a maximum of 2,000,000 x 5 of damage that can be absorbed. There’s even Ingram’s Puzzle enabling players to create a random Follower Equipment item by solving a puzzle.

One World of Warcraft player reports that Xur’ios, Vaultkeeper of the Void, is an Ethereal. These beings are astral travelers from within the Twisting Nether, and can be found trading and collecting goods like artifacts and arcane items. Typically, these merchants are located across the Netherstorm, in Nagrand, in the Mana Tombs, and across the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Before you ask yourself “What the heck?” in regards to bringing a Destiny character into World of Warcraft, keep in mind that Activision signed a 10-year publishing contract with Destiny developer Bungie back in 2010. That gives Activision the right to grab whatever Destiny characters it wants and throw them into other Activision games. As for what happens after that 10-year contract is up is a different story altogether.

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