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‘Lego City Undercover’ is coming to Nintendo Switch, among other platforms

Dedicated detective and Lego mini-figure Chase McCain starred in one of the earliest exclusives for the Wii U, Lego City Undercover, and he will be making his way to Nintendo’s latest console to take down baddies and collect plenty of plastic bits. The game is coming to the Nintendo Switch this spring and a new trailer reminds us why we loved the original so much.

For those who haven’t checked out the open-world police adventure, the above announcement video, set to some Nicolas Winding Refn movie-sounding synthesizer, should get you up to speed. McCain returns to the titular Lego City as a hero, but his visit isn’t just to exchange pleasantries with citizens — the evil Rex Fury has escaped from Albatross Island and only McCain is capable of bringing the dastardly villain to justice. He does have some help, however, in the form of the dimwitted Frank Honey and Chief Dunby and the secretive Natalia Kowalski.

As the name would suggest, Lego City Undercover — in place of the various different playable characters usually found in a Lego game — has McCain make use of dozens of disguises and outfits to help him in his police work. A robber, a miner, and a fireman are just a few of the disguises available, with each helping Chase make his way through the city’s brick-based puzzles.

In the original Wii U release, the GamePad controller was used heavily for investigations — both its touchscreen and its motion controls helped McCain uncover secrets in the game’s world. It’s not yet clear how the Switch’s portable and home configurations will emulate this, but they seem like more natural platforms than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Lego City Undercover is available now on Wii U and will be out for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this spring. A 3DS game subtitled The Chase Begins is also available.

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