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Lego Star Wars sets get big price cuts in Walmart’s massive sale

May the force be with you all summer long, and here’s hoping you take advantage of one of these amazing Lego Star Wars deals. It’s just one of many Walmart deals you’ll be able to grab this week during the big Walmart Deals Sale, and the offer extends to two different Lego Star Wars kits: The Emperor’s Throne Room and the Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor from The Mandalorian.

Lego Star Wars: Emperor’s Throne Room was $100 — now $80

The Lego Star Wars Emperor's Throne Room Lego kit.

The final act of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi features a monumental battle between Luke Skywalker, the infamous Darth Vader, and the dastardly Emperor Palpatine. The 807-piece kit comes with three Lego figures, two lightsabers, and two bolts of Force lightning for mean ole’ Palpatine. We’re also big fans of the Death Star window element and the Emperor’s rotating throne. And once you’ve completed the kit, you’ll be able to festoon it with a fancy 40th anniversary ROTJ plaque! We’re not sure how long this sale is going to last, but while it’s in effect, you’ll be able to take $20 off the normal selling price of this popular battle scene diorama. 

The Lego Star Wars Fang Fighter vs TIE Interceptor kit.

Lego Star Wars: Fang Fighter vs TIE Interceptor was $100 — now $80

The Star Wars series is renowned for its land and space vehicles, and this super-cool Lego kit is an excellent representation of the latter. Taken from The Mandalorian streaming series, this 957-piece Lego kit allows you to build some pretty cinematic recreations of the Fang Fighter and TIE Interceptor ships. When complete, the cockpits of both vessels open up to allow a minifigure to be placed within. You’ll also get two spring-loaded shooters (one set for each ship), along with a handy weapons storage compartment for the Fang Fighter. At the time of writing, you’ll be able to save $20 off this Lego kit when you purchase through Walmart.

There’s no denying the immense popularity of all and anything related to Star Wars, so we expect these cool Walmart deals to go pretty quickly. So if you’re interested, it’s best to take advantage of these promos while you still can. Again, that’s $20 off the Emperor’s Throne Room and Fang Fighter vs TIE Interceptor sets when you buy through Walmart. We also recommend checking out some of the other Lego deals we found this week.

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