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The second episode of 'Life is Strange: Before the Storm' is now available

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Ep 2 Trailer [PEGI]
In August, Life is Strange fans were able to return to Arcadia Bay thanks to the release of the first episode of its prequel series Before the Storm. Now, developer Deck Nine issued a trailer for the second installment in the episodic adventure, which released on Thursday, October 19.

Both Chloe and Rachel were already going through some testing times in their family life in the first episode, and things only get more complex in this follow-up. The pair discusses making a break for it but there is some business to be taken care of before that can happen.

Chloe ends up running an errand for Frank Bowers, a drug dealer who will be very familiar to anyone who played through the original Life is Strange. The tasks take her into the seedy underbelly of Arcadia Bay and put her in considerable danger.

As the presence of Bowers might suggest, the second episode of Before the Storm features plenty of callbacks to the characters and locations we saw in Life is Strange. Deck Nine used the first episode to distinguish this new run from what went before, but it’s interesting to see the two seasons becoming more intertwined.

The studio had an unenviable task on its hands taking the reins from Dontnod Entertainment, the team that was responsible for the first game. The second installment looks to live up to the strong start that the premiere episode got off to, adhering to and expanding upon what’s already been established about Arcadia Bay.

The release also brings about an important technical addition to the experience, allowing players to select a 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

“Although PC players have been able to enjoy the game in 4K resolution since the release of episode 1, we are happy to announce that PlayStation Pro owners can now play all episodes in 4K by offering a ‘high-resolution’ mode,” Deck Nine’s Vice President Jeff Litchford said in a statement. “Alongside PS4 Pro support, Xbox One X users will also see 4K support later this year.”

The second episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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