Lollipop Chainsaw’s ‘cheerleader slices zombies’ gameplay pops up in new trailer

Lollipop Chainsaw may make you groan at the oversaturation of zombie mania that’s swept across fan culture, but try to remember that it comes from “the twisted mind of Suda 51.” The trailer said so!

For those who are familiar with the name, this is only a good thing. Goichi “Suda 51” Suda’s twisted mind has roots in gaming that extend all the way back to the cult favorite Fire Pro Wrestling series, but he’s known much better these days for his work on No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned. Lollipop Chainsaw is the recently announced next release from Suda and his Grasshopper Manufacture studio.

As you can see in the new trailer, the game follows Juliet, a high school cheerleader with a particular talent for slicing apart undead hordes with a chainsaw. The original announcement revealed that the young zombie killer comes from a family of the same. That’s where her more lethal talents come from, though the cheerleading is all Juliet.

The announcement trailer features a mix of pre-rendered cutscenes and gameplay footage. It looks delightfully gory, though there are sure to be some bizarre features revealed as more facts about the game come to light. This is a Suda 51 joint after all.

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