It looks like Destiny’s getting a higher level cap, new gear, and harder Strikes in December

looks like destinys getting higher level cap new gear harder strikes december destiny screen

We already knew that Destiny was due for some downloadable content in December 2014, in the form of The Dark Below expansion, but newly unearthed details pulled from the game’s data files — then added to DestinyDB and compiled in a Reddit post — give some sense of what might be coming. In addition to a whole mess of new gear, it looks like the DLC will introduce fresh challenges in the form of a new raid, a higher-level Strike playlist, and a boosted level cap.

Let’s talk about that last one first. Destiny‘s XP-based level stops at player level 20, with any subsequently earned “Light” levels dictated by a new stat that appears attached to armor once you hit the initial cap. In other words, gear fuels progression past 20, not XP gains. As of now, advancement is capped at 30, and that’s only possible after a player pairs three Vault of Glass raid-specific armor pieces, fully upgraded, with one exotic armor piece, also upgraded.

Given all of that, isn’t it interesting that the discovery of a listing for The Dark Below‘s “Crota’s End” raid seems to include a “hard” difficulty setting ranked for level 32 players? Bear in mind, none of this is officially confirmed and it could certainly change, but this info is purportedly pulled from actual game data. It appears that high-level players will also have a reason to spend time in Strike playlists again, as a level 28-ranked playlist is in the cards as well.

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Also among the new DestinyDB listings are items won from something called “Trials of Osiris,” which is believed to be the next in-game event, to follow Queen’s Wrath and Iron Banner. If it’s anything like the previous events, Trials of Osiris gives players a new “faction” to earn rep and special currency from, that then goes toward the purchase of high-end gear. Among the gear appears to be a Legendary Hand Cannon and a Legendary (upgradeable) Sparrow speeder bike.

There’s more, too. Some of the new listings suggest that players will be able to tweak the appearance of vehicles with the use of shaders. The addition of a “Ship Parts” crafting material probably applies to the aforementioned Sparrow, and hopefully a few other, upgradeable rides. It also looks like a new consumable is coming to the game; much like the existing consumables that temporarily increase the amount of Glimmer (Destiny‘s currency) earned from defeating a specific enemy faction, the new consumables boost XP gains in the same way. And finally, it looks like there’s some new Vanguard armor inbound as well.

Again, none of this is officially confirmed, and all of it is subject to change. Bungie hasn’t gone out of its way to shoot down the various data mining-induced Destiny leaks to date, going instead with the stance that any discoveries made in advance of official announcements may look different (or cease to exist entirely) when updates and add-ons are applied to the game.

Check out the Reddit link for links back to each individual armor item in the three apparently new raid sets.