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Loot Crate adds all-gaming gift box to subscription lineup

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Nerd culture subscription service Loot Crate announced a new gaming-themed alternative to their gift box service called “Loot Gaming” on Friday, during at a panel at PAX South. The standard Loot Crate service delivers monthly themed gift packages with items such as toys, t-shirt, mugs, and posters, all related to “nerdy” pop culture franchises, including video games, TV, film and comic books. Since its inception, the company has more focused versions of the service, including “Lvl Up,” which delivers similarly themed clothing, and “Loot Pets,” which offers pop culture-themed pet gear, including treats, collars and bowls.

The Loot Gaming bundle will not only focus on gaming, but also constitute a slight upgrade from the standard Loot Crate service. For $25, Loot Gaming subscribers will receive 4-6 “premium items,” some of which will be available exclusively through the service. The contents of a standard $15 Loot Crate include a varying number of items reportedly worth $45 from other retailers.

“It’s a different tier of item in the same category,” Loot Crate founder Matt Arevalo told Game Informer. “Whereas you can expect a really cool t-shirt in a loot crate, you would expect to find other kinds of wearables in Loot Gaming that are appropriate for the price point.”

The first crate for Loot Gaming will feature a “Legacy” theme, and include special Street Fighter-, Halo-, and Skyrim-related items made in collaboration with the games’ publishers.

In addition to Loot Gaming, the company recently announced its first recurring franchise-specific subscription based on the cult-classic TV show Firefly. The bi-monthly “Firefly Cargo Crate” is valued at $65 per box and features five to seven items, including merchandise from manufacturer Quantum Mechanix. The service has created special edition one-off packages in the past, such as last year’s Fallout-themed crate, tied to the release of Fallout 4.

Gaming fans interested in signing up for Loot Gaming can sign up for the service’s mailing list.

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