Lost Planet spinoff EX Troopers won’t be released outside Japan

lost planet spinoff ex troopers wont be released outside japan troppers us release

Of all Capcom’s contemporary franchises, Lost Planet is probably the weirdest. As I discussed at length in my preview of Lost Planet 3 in July, it’s a franchise in name only, with only the loosest narrative tying its series together. For example, did you know that the slick anime-styled EX Troopers is actually a new Lost Planet game? I bet you thought it was just an awesome-looking multiplayer shooter that will be a welcome addition to your PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS library. It happens to both, but for any of you Lost Planet, Vita, or 3DS fans in the US, it sucks to be you: Capcom’s leaving EX Troopers in Japan.

Capcom USA senior vice-president Christian Svensson delivered the bad news to fans in the official Capcom forums this past weekend. Svensson was already telling fans that Capcom has stopped supporting the Mega Man series in the US because of the myriad sub brands (Mega Man X, Zero, Star Force, etc.) When one user asked why sub-brands blocked a series from release, they pointed to EX Troopers as good example to the contrary.

The saddening response: “EX Troopers isn’t part of the LP series officially (thus the difference in name) nor are there plans to bring it Westward at this time.”

Capcom, you officially no longer make sense at all. Go make another lousy social game, why dontcha.