Major League Gaming records huge growth in 2013

major league gaming records huge growth mlg pro circuit

The amount of Major League Gaming-related video content consumed this year was 262-percent higher than it was in 2012, according to a new report from MLG. The average time each viewer watched was also listed at a staggering 150 minutes per person.

The growth was paired with strong ad performance, which most viewers won’t care about, but it shows that MLG is healthy and stable. With the recent introduction of its own video platform, the company appears in good shape heading into 2014.

2013 Infographic

A few of the highlights from MLG are as follows: 

  • MLG online video consumption was up 262-percent over 2012 and 1,557-percent since 2010.
  • Viewers consumed more than 54 million hours of MLG’s online video in 2013 vs. 14 million hours of video consumed by NCAA March Madness Live viewers.
  • Engagement time was high with MLG viewers watching an average of 150 minutes each vs NCAA online viewers who watched 105 minutes each.
  • Ad performance at MLG.TV was greater than industry standards – MLG had 90.7-percent completion rate vs the industry average of 74-percent completion and a 2.1-percent click-thru rate (CTR) on MLG ads vs. the industry standard of 1.1-percent CTR reported earlier this year.

One potentially alarming – but maybe not entirely surprising – fact is the percent of women that consume MLG content. Or more specifically, the lack of women. According to MLG, 90-percent of its audience is male. It further defined that 50-percent is between the ages of 16-34, and 76-percent is over the age of 21. That gender disparity speaks more to the burgeoning eSports market than MLG, but it is a huge audience the sport would no doubt love to find a way to embrace.