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Gamer gets bored at airport, plays Apex Legends on information monitor

Apex Legends is an addictive character-based battle royale shooter — and one gamer at an airport just couldn’t wait to jump back into the action.

People come up with different ways to beat boredom when waiting at an airport. This usually includes reading a book, taking a nap, or playing video games. The last one typically involves smartphones or a portable device such as the Nintendo Switch … but not for this Apex Legends player.

According to The Oregonian, an unidentified traveler at the Portland International Airport decided to plug in his PlayStation 4 to a monitor that is used to show a map of the facility, as confirmed by Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds.

This guy has his video game plugged into one of the airport monitors.
Seen yesterday at @flypdx.

— Stefan Dietz ????️???? . ???? . ???? (@coyotetrips) January 17, 2020

Stefan Dietz took a picture of the amusing scene and uploaded it to Twitter. “I couldn’t believe it. You’ve got all these monitors there and he’s playing a video game,” Dietz said, adding that the player even appeared to be talking to other players through a headset.

When airport officials approached the man to request that he unplug his console from the monitor, he politely asked if he may be allowed to finish his game. Unfortunately, they denied his request, so he had to leave the match and immediately shut down his playing session.

“We would love travelers to plug into our power outlets, but just ask that they don’t plug into anything else,” said Simonds.

For a brief moment in the early hours of the morning of January 16, a monitor in the Portland International Airport that helped travelers with the locations of restaurants and bathrooms showed a different map — the fire-and-ice-themed World’s Edge, which was introduced for Apex Legends‘ Season 3 titled Meltdown.

The unknown traveler may have been trying to maximize his time with the Grand Soiree Arcade, Apex Legends‘ ongoing two-event that features a different game mode every two days. The mode that was available on the day that he played in the airport was LIVE. DIE. LIVE., wherein players automatically respawn on their living teammates whenever the ring closes, so teams will keep coming back to full strength as long as one member manages to survive.

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