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Man runs into burning home to save his Xbox, both survive

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There can surely be few things worse than a house fire – the sheer terror felt upon discovering the flames and the battle to ensure the safety of loved ones, followed by a desperate feeling of helplessness as you stand and watch all your worldly possessions quite literally go up in smoke.

Well, a Kansas man who found himself in this very situation Friday morning was having none of it. His first reaction when he realized his house was on fire was, like most sensible people, to scarper out of his property pronto. But having made it to safety, the horrible truth dawned on him – his Xbox was still inside.

Risking life and limb to rescue his beloved machine, the man reentered the inferno to seek out his precious gaming console and carry it to safety.

We’re happy to report that both exited the fire-stricken property safely, though reports suggest the man came off worse, as he had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

It’s not clear which model of Microsoft’s gaming console the man saved, but we’re going to stick our necks out here and suggest it was the recently released Xbox One. Having said that, an older model would’ve had more sentimental value for the dedicated gamer, a situation which could also have spurred him into undertaking his heroic, though some might say foolish, rescue effort.

The fire caused damage estimated at $80,000, though if that Xbox had gone up as well it could’ve been as much as $80,500.

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Trevor Mogg
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