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'GTA IV' has fun corrupting Mario in this Odyssey homage trailer

mario gta iv mariogta
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One of the most notable features of the recent trailer reveal of the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, Super Mario Odyssey, is that Mario appears to be roaming around the real world. Of course though, that’s a Nintendo version of the real world, so in an attempt to add some reality to the world Mario found himself in, Mario has been added to GTA IV and the results are what you might expect.

Throughout the pseudo-recreation of the Super Mario Odyssey trailer, we see a rather tall-looking Mario attempt to jump and flip, only to be confronted with the difficulties of realistic gravity. We see him dance, drive vehicles, be chased down by violent denizens of Liberty city and run from the law in traditional GTA style.

Super real Mario Odyssey

To make this gloriously silly trailer, YouTuber CrowbCat used a combination of mods. The first adds the Mario skin to the game, letting you play as the tallest version of the Italian plumber to date. To give him the rather fancy climbing, jumping, and flipping animations that are part and parcel of Mario’s world, you need the Real Parkour Animations mod.

Although not as necessary, the iCEnhancer 3.0 mod is what makes Liberty City look as pretty as it does in this trailer, adding in everything from moving clouds, to new depth of field, better bloom and motion blur, and a number of other post-processing effects which makes the game look a lot better.

Of course though, this is far from the first time that Mario has entered the ‘real world’ of Grand Theft Auto. Ultra-realistic versions of the classic video-game character have made appearances in GTA V, as well as much more traditional renditions of the little guy.

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