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Mario Strikers: Battle League: How to unlock every cup

Mario and friends (and enemies) are no strangers to picking up just about any sport there is and putting a friendly and chaotic spin on the experience. Unlike more realistic sports games, which focus mostly on matches, maybe some challenge modes, and multiplayer, Mario sports games have all attempted to add in some sort of progression to make playing alone a bit more fun. Some games have full-on campaigns, while Mario Strikers: Battle League has a variety of cups you can progress through for new rewards, also unlocking new cups and modes in the process.




45 minutes

What You Need

  • Beat all five of the standard cups on normal difficulty

Mario Strikers: Battle League's cups are the main single-player components in the game. Each one is unique, offering a new challenge for you to overcome and grow your skills as a player and team manager. They're not only great for building up your skills and learning the ropes of this brutal soccer experience, but they give you plenty of Coins as rewards to spend on new gear. However, not all these new cups and modes are open right from the start. The hardest challenges are kept locked away until you meet a few requirements. Here's how to unlock every cup and mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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Mario and Bowser facing off.

How to unlock the Championship cup

All unlockables in Mario Strikers: Battle League follow a very linear progression, with everything you unlock leading into the next unlockable. To start, the first thing you can unlock is the extra-challenging Championship cup.

Step 1: Go into Cup Battles and beat all five of the standard cups on normal difficulty. These five cups are:

  • Cannon cup
  • Chain cup
  • Turbo cup
  • Muscle cup
  • Trick cup

Step 2: You can now select the Championship cup, which is the hardest challenge you will face yet.

Luigi shooting a green soccer tornado.

How to unlock Galactic Mode

Galactic Mode isn't a new cup, but you will need to unlock it first before you can gain access to the final, most difficult cup Mario Strikers: Battle League has to offer.

Step 1: Unlock the Championship cup as detailed above.

Step 2: Win the Championship cup!

Donkey Kong charging across the field.

How to unlock the Galactic cup

Now that you've unlocked Galactic Mode, which is Mario Strikers: Battle League's version of hard mode, you can begin working toward unlocking the game's ultimate challenge: The Galactic cup.

Step 1: Repeat the steps you took to unlock the Championship cup, beating all five normal cups, only this time in Galactic Mode.

Step 2: The Galactic cup will now unlock for you to attempt. Good luck!

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