Mario theme unlocks a secret game in new Nintendo 3DS’s web browser

Easter egg game in new 3DS unlocked by Mario theme

mario theme unlocks secret game new nintendo 3dss web browser super bros

Nintendo’s upgraded 3DS arrived in Japan on October 11, and users have discovered a clever little easter egg in the handheld’s web browser (via Tiny Cartridge). Opening up a new page and tapping out the easily recognizable first few notes of the beloved Super Mario Bros. theme turns the list of frequent web pages into a stage select. Pick a website and you then destroy the URL in a Breakout-style game controlled by the stylus.

The new 3DS hit stores in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand in October and November of 2014, but currently has no confirmed release date for North America and Europe more specific than 2015. The updated handheld features additional control options, improved screens and 3D functionality, and a Near Field Communication sensor that lets you interact with Amiibos.