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Marvel confirms Netflix series will be set in cinematic universe

marvel confirms netflix series will set cinematic universe daredevillukecageironfistjessicajones1

While there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the four upcoming, original series Marvel Entertainment is partnering with Netflix to produce, the project has also raised some questions about the shows’ place in the greater Marvel cinematic universe. According to Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, fans have nothing to worry about, as the four series — and the tie-in series that brings them all together — will all exist within the same universe as The Avengers movie-verse and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series.

“There will be some interconnectivity, much like the movies,” explained Quesada on Kevin Smith’s “Fat Man on Batman” podcast. “They will exist within the cinematic universe again.”

The Netflix deal, which was announced back in November 2013, will include at least four, 13-episode series based on Marvel’s “street-level” superheroes Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist. The four series will then lead into The Defenders miniseries that will bring all of the heroes together.

With the Daredevil series expected to premiere in 2015 under producer and showrunner Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods), things are moving right along for the project, with casting announcements expected soon. All four of the solo series and the tie-in miniseries will be filmed in New York City — specifically, the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, where most of the characters are based in Marvel’s comic-book universe — and the project is expected to cost an impressive $200 million

“The scripts are coming in,” said Quesada of the current status of the project. “They are pretty fantastic. They’re really emotional. They’re very, very original. But at the same time, it is Daredevil. It is Matt Murdock. We will eventually, hopefully start casting really, really soon, but I’m very, very excited about it.”

Quesada also offered some explanation of how the Netflix series will differ from the Marvel movies and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. program.

“Although these are superhero stories, this is different now,” he said. “This is the street level…this is the street-level, noir side of the Marvel Universe. Something that you haven’t really, really seen in any of our Marvel movies. And probably more ground level, than I think you’ve seen. This is not like us doing Batman, Dark Knight or any of that stuff. This is very Marvel doing street-level superheroes.”

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