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How to increase friendship levels in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Who doesn’t want to be best friends with a superhero? We’ve had plenty of opportunities to fight as, and alongside, many of our favorite heroes in various games, but none besides Marvel’s Midnight Suns lets you just hang out and get to know them. While that may not sound like the most exciting thing to do in a game, raising your friendship levels with these heroes gives you a tangible benefit when fists start flying. Here’s how to become be_st buds with all your favorite heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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What are friendship levels?

Spider-Man lands in front of other heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Aside from getting insight into these iconic characters, and seeing some otherwise hidden sequences, raising friendship levels will give you a major advantage when you enter a battle. Individual heroes will benefit from new-and-improved passive abilities, combo abilities, better stats, and new ability cards.

The benefits don’t end there. Raising friendship levels high enough among the entire cast will increase your team friendship level for even more bonuses. These include access to more combo abilities, opening the Gift Shop, and the option to give compliments.

How to raise friendship levels

Marvel's Midnight Suns' hunter interacting with Ms. Marvel.

Hang Outs

After every main mission, you will have the option to take one hero out on a Hang Out. You can pick between multiple things do with each hero, so you need to choose the thing that they will like doing or you might risk losing friendship XP with them.

Dialogue options

Occasionally, you will be given some different dialogue choices when speaking to the other characters. These can happen at any time you have a chance to speak to other characters, so always try talking to everyone when you get a chance. You will usually want to pick the “nice” answer and agree with them to boost friendship levels, but some characters respond better to other options.


Another thing you can spend your daytime hours in the Abbey doing is sparring in the Training Yard. Whoever you choose to spar with will get some easy friendship XP, but also get a buff if you take them along on your next mission. You can only do this once per day, and it does cost credits, but is an easy way to get consistent friendship XP.


Once you unlock the ability to give compliments, which is a weird thing to even say, the option will appear when approaching heroes in the Abbey. Just don’t go overboard complementing a hero too much too quickly or you will eventually stop earning XP for it.


Havens are a lot like Hang Outs, only instead of going to do a specific activity, you invite a hero to a different location around the Abbey to chill out. You are only able to use each Haven once with any hero But, for that price, you get double the normal friendship XP from Havens as normal.


After unlocking the gift shop, purchase some nice gifts for your superpowered friends. There are a ton of gifts, and you can even find them laying around, but every hero has different tastes in gifts. To know which gift they will like best, refer to our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gift Guide.

Going on missions

Finally, nothing builds friendship like good old teamwork. Just by bringing a hero out on a mission, they will earn a small amount of friendship XP at the end.

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