Mass Effect 2 Coming to PS3 in January

mass effect 2 coming to ps3 in january wallpaper by igotgame1075

Today in Germany at GamesCon, EA held a press conference to discuss its upcoming titles. Most of the news was interesting, but not surprising. Until they got to Mass Effect 2.

Gamepsot is reporting that the sci-fi RPG will make its Sony debut this January of 2011. No plans were discussed regarding the original game; only Mass Effect 2 has been announced.  Since its debut on January 26, 2010, Mass Effect 2 has gone on to sell nearly 2 million copies and become a commercial and critical hit.  The story has been adapted into comics, and a long-gestating movie is still in development.

Once considered a staple of the exclusive Xbox 360 titles, the Xbox’s loss is PlayStation fans gain.