Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenge time—promote your characters and get cool stuff

mass effect 3 multiplayer challenge time promote your characters and get cool stuff me3 launch 9A few weeks ago, BioWare started to lure innocent, unsuspecting young gamers online with promises of special rewards for playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer and completing specific goals int he given time frame. Countless scores of players found themselves hooked, hopelessly addicted to the game, dazzled by the robust leveling system and kept playing by the promise of fabulous weapons that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

“Project Goliath” had a simple goal—just complete a silver level map against the Reapers and you would receive the Commendation Pack, which awarded players with one of four special, extremely rare N7 weapons. There was also a community challenge that placed a bounty on the head of the Brute enemies. If a million Brutes were killed, all players would receive a Victory Pack containing a random assortment of rare items.

And so the poor, noble Brute was hunted to near extinction. One million dead were needed to win the prize. In the end, 3 million Brutes were made to pay the ultimate price in gamers’ search for items. I hope you’re all happy, you monsters.

The next weekend BioWare offered a 25-percent increase to all players, but this coming weekend the prizes return, and thankfully no single enemy has been called out for death.

“Operation Raptor” kicks off this Friday, March 30 at 5pm PST, and will continue until 5am PST Monday, April 2. The goal this time around is to promote characters from the multiplayer into the single player campaign.

When a character hits level 20 in the multiplayer, you have the option to promote them. Doing so will reset your stats to zero, but it will also give you a new war asset in the single player campaign. You will also receive a helping hand thanks to a 10-percent experience boost all weekend.

To receive the Commendation Pack for individual achievement, you must promote two characters during the hours of the competition.

The community goal this time around is to have 150,000 characters promoted. If that happens, all players will receive a Victory Pack.

No word on exactly what possible prizes await, but they will be available for download next week. So sally forth and promote.

This contest is currently open to only Xbox 360 and PC players.