Mass Effect 3 Wii U will have Extended Cut but what about “From Ashes”?

mass effect 3 wii u will have extended cut but what about from ashes includes

It was an odd moment when cheers broke out at E3 2012 when Nintendo showed footage of Mass Effect 3 during its montage of Wii U games. Why were people cheering? This was a game that saw hundreds of thousands of people either sue Electronic Arts because they were dissatisfied with it or raise money for charity to get EA to change it! Mass Effect 3 was pretty good and it sold well, but it has been the most loudly reviled game of 2012 to date.

The Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 will apparently be less infuriating than previous releases. Mass Effect 3 producer Michael Gamble told Siliconera that the Wii U edition will include most if not all of the additional content that’s been made for the game, included the expanded endings included with the Extended Cut, right on the disk.

“The extended ending is basically going to be part of the game instead,” said Gamble, “You won’t have to download it.” It will also include the newly announced “Earth” downloadable content.

Gamble did not say whether it will include the “From Ashes” downloadable content that fundamentally alters the story with its extra character. Seeing as that DLC sold very well, it’s doubtful EA would give it away for nothing.