Medal of Honor Warfighter roundup; All the news you need to prepare for this week’s release

Medal of Honor Warfighter

There is no question that Call of Duty is the current undisputed king of the first-person shooters — and all games for that matter if you are count these things by sales figures – but there aren’t many franchises that can claim the same level of history that the Medal of Honor brand features.

Originally debuting in 1999, the WWII-themed series has influenced all first-person shooters in one form or another, but somewhere along the way the franchise lost its way. The property was shelved, and during its absence Call of Duty broke from its own WWII era mold with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and went on to create the first consistent billion dollar franchise.

Then in 2010 the brand made its return with a new, modern setting, and a multiplayer component designed by the DICE team, developers with a proven track record for multiplayer thanks to the Battlefield games. Of course, if you are even passingly familiar with the series you already know all that, just like you know that this Tuesday marks the release of the second Medal of Honor game set in modern times, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Can it topple the reigning king and surpass Call of Duty in sales? Maybe, maybe not, but even if it doesn’t touch the billion dollar milestone the game is almost certainly going to be a hit. So with that in mind, we offer you a quick preview of the 14th offering in the series, Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Check back this week for our full review, but for now click the image below for all the Warfighter new you need to prepare for one of the year’s biggest releases.